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Finding the right Gear Shift Knob

Buying the right Gear Shift Knob is as easy as identifying what speed transmission you have, and then making sure your new shift knob is compatible. The most common transmissions are 9 speed, 10 speed, super 10, 13 speed, and 18 speed. We have shift knobs that will fit all of these transmissions.

First: What speed is my transmission?

18 and 13 Speed Transmissions have a Shifter Knob with 2 switches:
  1. Range Selector
  2. Splitter Button
18 Speed Knob has a grey splitter button. Example:

13 Speed Knob has a red splitter button. Example:

9 and 10 Speed Transmissions only have a Range Selector, they don't have a button on the side. Example:

A super 10 Speed Transmission has a grey splitter, and does not have a range selector. Example:

(In most cases, a shift knob that fits a 13 or 18 speed will also fit a Super 10 Speed.)

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