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Semi-Truck Bumper Guides and Pole Lights

Semi-Truck Bumper Guides and Pole Lights

 From back country roads to sharp turns and dark, shaky docks in the city lot, every professional driver is sure to come across a situation where the angle or lighting just plain isn’t what it should be to operate safely. No matter what kind of hassle you’re putting up with, there’s no reason to go into it blindly with any of these model-specific bumper guides from Raney’s Truck Parts! There are some things you just don’t want to leave to chance, trust us— and the finish on your new chrome bumper is definitely one of them. Built to keep you safe and aware with minimal, stylish changes to your truck’s profile, these stainless-steel pole lights hold up beautifully on the highway while their reliable LEDs offer you years of drive signaling and reliable protection. Our team of customer support specialists are standing by to help find the perfect fit for your rig: give us a call or shop online today and see what makes the Raney’s difference for yourself!


  •  Florescent Orange Bolt On Bumper Guide-defualt  Florescent Orange Bolt On Bumper Guide-close


    $41.95 - $53.95
    Fluorescent Orange Bolt On Bumper Guide Florescent Orange Marker Sight Rods Can Be Use With Pickup Trucks, Bumper Sights, Road Safety, & Plow Guides Bright & Easy To See, With More Surface Area Than Conventional Sight...
    $41.95 - $53.95
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