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Semi Truck Bug Screens

Bug Screens are the ultimate radiator and grill protector against bugs, small birds, rocks, and other road debris. Nobody enjoys cleaning dried up bug splatter off their vehicle. These bug screens protect your nice shiny stainless steel or chrome grills from all sorts of debris. If you have ever driven through Florida during the months April – May or August – September I’m sure you have witnessed firsthand the infamous Love Bug. These little critters awaken to mate twice a year and when they do they create large swarms covering highways for miles. Any vehicle no matter how small or large gets completely covered with them. It is important you clean your Semi Truck quickly after being covered due to the love bugs internal juices are acidic and will eat away paint and taint chrome and stainless steel if left caked on for too long. Bug screens can also be a form of customization. We have tons of unique designs available such as the Dale Earnhardt #3 screen or the Rebel Flag design. These bug screens are easy to mount either with snaps or turnbutttons; when seasons start to change you can switch to Belmor Winterfronts which use the same hardware as the Belmor Bug Screens. Installing and swapping them only takes minutes and is a breeze!