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Finding the right axle cover or hub cap

First: Do I need a Hub Cap or an Axle Cover?

Hub Caps will only work on OIL front hubs. Axle Covers work on both greased and oil front hubs.

Front & Rear Axle Covers

Axle covers fit most 22.5" and 24.5" hub or stud piloted wheels.

First check to see if you have 33mm or 1.5" lug nuts. If you aren't sure which one you have, check out our lug nut cover guide here.

Also verify that you have at least 1/2" of thread or more. If you have less than 1/2" of exposed thread you will need push on lug nut covers.

Front Hub Caps

Step 1: Count the number of notches on your wheel and match it to the correct hub cap.

Here is a side by side example of a wheel with 5 notches, and a Front Hub Cap with 5 notches to match.

If your wheel has 4 notches then it will require a 4 notch cap.

You can also use a universal hub cap on all notch counts unless the wheel has 6 EVENLY spaced notches. Those will require a 6 even notch cap.

Step 2: Measure the lip height on your wheel.

  • Most aluminum wheels will use a cap with a 1" lip.
  • Most steel wheels will use a cap with a 7/16" lip.

    Rear Hub Caps

    First: Measure the diameter of your axle studs.

  • If you have 8 studs that are 5/8" diameter you will need an 8" cap.

  • If you have 8 studs that are 3/4" diameter you will need an 8 1/4" cap.

  • If you have 12 studs that are 1/2" diameter you will need a 7 1/2" cap.

    General guidelines

  • Most Peterbilt, Kenworth & Freightliner trucks use an 8" cap.

  • Most International, Volvo and some Mack trucks use an 8 1/4" cap.

  • Some Mack truck with a 44,000lb rear end will use an 8 1/2" cap.

    If you have extra long studs you may need a cap with a 1 1/2" side wall. Here's an example:

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