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How are you supposed to buy a train horn for your semi truck if you have no idea what it sounds like? Below, you’ll find a compiled list of some of our train horns and a recording of the sound they make. Keep in mind, unless you’re blasting these recordings out of concert hall speakers, these train horns are much louder in person. The first time you fire these up, be sure to grab onto something and wear ear protection because you’ll definitely feel the difference.

For a full list of what we offer, check out our train horns page.

HornBlasters Conductor's Special 228H Train Horn Kit

141 ~ 147.7 dB

Black Vintage Ooo-Gah Klaxon Horn By Hornblasters

112 dB

HornBlasters Bullet Air Horn

145.8 dB

HornBlasters Dukes Of Hazzard Dixie Musical Air Horn System

118 dB

HornBlasters PsychoBlasters V2 Electric Air Horn

122 dB

Dukes Of Hazzard Dixie Air Horn System

126 dB

HornBlasters Bandit Train Horn

141.1 dB

HornBlasters Mother Trucker Horn

HornBlasters Tug 37 Horn

138 dB

HornBlasters Rocker Air Horn

146.7 dB

HornBlasters Shart Air Horn

HornBlasters Safety Horn

HornBlasters Jackass 228V Air Horn

HornBlasters Dolphin Air Horn

HornBlasters AirChime K5 Train Horn

HornBlasters Chrome Admiral Train Horn

141.5 dB

HornBlasters Katrina Train Horn

142.3 dB

HornBlasters Shocker XL Train Horn

141 ~ 147.7 dB

Dec 13th 2022 Raney's Truck Parts
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