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Twist & Lock Black ABS Plastic MPG Smart Pack

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Twist & Lock Black ABS Plastic MPG Smart Pack

For trucks traveling 2,000 or more miles per week, the combined fuel savings from this MPG Smart Pack is at least 7 to 8 gallons of diesel per week!

Eco Flaps

  • Made From High Quality, Impact-Resistant Nylon Polymer
  • Virtually Indestructible And Tolerant Of Extreme Road And Weather Conditions
  • Tested To Withstand Temperatures from -200F to +200F Without Cracking, Breaking Or Melting
  • Easy Installation
  • Reduces Fuel Consumption By 400,000 CO2 Tons Annually

Equal Flexx

  • Reduces Vibrations And Overall Wear-And-Tear By 20-50%
  • Reduces Tire-Related Rolling Resistance
  • Fleets Can Expect Fuel Economy Improvements Of 2-3% More
  • Continually Adapts To Balance Tire And Wheel Assemblies
  • Extends Tire Life By 10-40%

Eco Flaps are patented aerodynamic splash guards manufactured from high-impact nylon. Invented by a truck driver who was looking for a solution to rainy day road spray, these innovative parts have surpassed their initial intended purpose to become an industry leader in the movement toward better fuel economy, reduced maintenance, and safer roads. Molded, wing-shaped channels move air and water through the Eco Flaps ventilated surface to reduce drag. Less resistance equals more efficiency! Time and time again, Eco Flaps have been proven to pay for themselves with fuel savings in a relatively short time frame. Plus, Eco Flaps® are the ONLY splash guards to have the distinction of being SmartWay verified and can provide a simple, cost-effective means toward compliance with the new Phase II GHG regulations. When water moves through the wing-shaped channels, it passes through a “dead air zone” on the back of the Eco Flap and then falls to the road surface. This flow-pattern feature significantly reduces road spray when compared to traditional mud flap design. By directing water to the pavement instead of into the air, Eco Flaps drastically reduce the dangerous cloud of road spray that impedes a driver’s line of sight on wet roads. Thus, Eco Flaps play a critical role in making roads safer for both drivers and surrounding motorists.

Equal Flexx is an adaptive, internal wheel-end balancing solution that reduces fuel and tire costs by reducing vibration from the wheel end. As a tire vibrates, energy is created. FLEXX absorbs this energy and the accompanying vibrations within the tire. Less vibration means less wear and tear on the truck, longer tire life, better fuel mileage and a smoother ride for your driver. Developed in partnership with the foremost experts in vibration analysis and testing, its soft, dry particles are engineered to continuously balance tires, creating a smoother ride and more even tire wear.

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Warranty Information

This Product Has A 2-Year Warranty For Class 8 Tractor Trailer Applications. IMI's FLEXX Is Warranted For The Life Of The Tractor Tires.
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