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Renegade Rebel Rubber Vinyl And Plastic Cleaner


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Renegade Rebel Rubber Vinyl And Plastic Cleaner

Our Innovating formula will hydrate your trim and the best part is that it doesn’t leave a sticky or tacky surface!

  • Rubber Rebel Rubber Vinyl And Plastic Cleaner from Renegade
  • Available in a 24 Ounce Or 1 Gallon Bottle (Choose Option Above)
  • Matte Tire Dressing and Interior Cleaner
  • Recommended for use on Rubber, Leather, and Vinyl
  • Produces a Dark and Pliable Surface as it Penetrates to Produce a Hydrated Surface
  • Leaves a Black, Dark Surface on Tires without Leaving a Sticky or Tacky Texture
  • Hydrates and Protects Interior Surfaces
  • Sold Individually
  • Quality Made Product

Rebel Rubber and Vinyl is formulated as a matte tire dressing and interior cleaner. Used on rubber, leather, and vinyl it produces a dark and pliable surface as it penetrates to produce a hydrated surface. Use Rebel Rubber and Vinyl to leave a black dark surface on the outside of your tires that doesn’t leave a sticky or tacky surface, and then inside on your dash to help hydrate and protect your interior surfaces.

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