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Renegade Rebel Moneyshot Wash N' Wax Soap


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Renegade Rebel Moneyshot Wash N' Wax

Washing your car on a sunny day is not optimal due to watermarks… but that’s no longer the case. Rebel Moneyshot Wash N’ Wax Soap is formulated for a dense neutral pH foam that clings to the applied surface.

  • Rebel Moneyshot Wash N' Wax from Renegade
  • 1 Gallon
  • Formulated For a Dense Neutral pH Foam That Clings to The Applied Surface
  • The Suds Penetrate Underneath To Remove Contaminates
  • Formulated with Emulsified Brazilian Carnuaba Wax
  • Surface is Left with a Waxed Protective Coating
  • Sold Individually
  • Quality Made Product

Have you ever left your vehicle under a tree, near the beach or taken a road trip just to come home to a front bumper and hood covered in bug stains? Then you know how harsh those contaminants are to the paint job on your vehicle. The soap penetrates to remove contaminants, utilizing a cutting-edge formula with a blend of Brazilian Carnauba wax, the surface is left with a waxed protective coating. 

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