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Power Badger Engine Block Heater Controller

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Power Badger Engine Block Heater Controller

Introducing the Power Badger engine block heater controller! A major leap forward in energy savings and reliable cold weather vehicle starting!

  • High Quality Engine Block Heater Controller
  • Controls Block Or Pad Heaters Installed On Your Engine And Prepares Your Vehicle To Start At The Desired Time
  • Fits Any Engine Block Heater, Battery Warmer & Pad Warmers
  • Works With Range of Light Vehicles to Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Senses And Automatically Adjusts For Outside Temperature
  • Pays For Itself In Energy Savings Within 2 Seasons!
  • Two Modes:
    • Readies Engine For Specific Start Time
    • Maintains Engine Temperature To Start Anytime
  • Watt Capacity: 1800W
  • What Makes The Power Badger Better Than A Timer?:
    • Automatic: The Power Badger Automatically Adjusts For The Outside Temperature Taking The Guess Work Out Of Readying Your Engine For The Next Day
    • Maintain: While A Simple Timer Shuts Off Once It Reaches Its Ending Time, Allowing You Engine To Get Cold, The Power Badger Maintains The Ready Temperature Of Your Engine For Up To 9 Hours!
    • Durability: Designed For Extreme Cold And Water Resistance, The Power Badger Easily Outlasts Every Timer On The Market In Tough Winter Conditions
    • Capacity: Can Safely Handle Up To 1800 Watts Of Heater Load Which Is An Order Of Magnitude More Than Other Timers On The Market
    • Memory: With A Built-In Battery Backup The Power Badger Can Maintain Settings And Accurate Timing For Up To 6 Months Without Power!
    • Long Cords: Featuring 5' Long Cords On Either End The Power Badger Beats Out Other Timers Which Have Short Cables Which Require Them To Be Installed Next To A Power Outlet And Need An Extension Cord To Reach
    • Smart: No Power Is Used When Temperatures Are Above 40°F
  • No Hard Installation Necessary
  • Assembled In The USA
  • Sold Individually
  • Quality Made Product

Up to this point engine heaters have famously been inefficient, uncontrolled energy wasters. As soon as they are plugged in they begin to siphon energy regardless of if its needed or not resulting in unnecessary energy costs for the user. Many people let their engine heaters run all night long which (depending on heater wattage, climate and local power rates) can result in an extra cost of between 1 and 6 dollars per day! The Power Badger changes all of that, with its automatic adjustments and smart power usage the Power Badger engine heater controller stops unnecessary power waste and pays for itself within 2 seasons of use. Take back control of your power usage and make preparing your engine a breeze with the Power Badger Engine Heater Controller!

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Now: $154.95
Was: $201.44