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  • Peterbilt Volvo Mack V-Belt 002.997.99.92
  • Peterbilt Volvo Mack V-Belt Ribs Side View
  • Peterbilt Volvo Mack V-Belt Diagram

Peterbilt Volvo Mack V-Belt 17540 By Goodyear Belts


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Peterbilt Volvo Mack V-Belt 17540 By Goodyear Belts

Goodyear Belts are built tough to fit like OEM & Exceed OE Requirements for a long service life with the quality you deserve!

*Please Verify Your OEM Number Before Purchase

  • Goodyear V-Belt 17540
  • Fits Various Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Freightliner, GMC, Jeep, Kenworth, Mack, Mercedes-Benz, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Peterbilt, Peugeot, Plymouth, Subaru, And Volvo Models
  • Crosses To Continental 17541, Dayco 17540, Gates 9540, NAPA 259540
  • Meet Or Exceeds OE Requirements And Specifications
  • Made Of Heavy Duty EPDM Rubber For A Long Service Life
  • Proprietary Rubber Formulation For A Quite Operation
  • Heavy Duty Tensile Cords Provide Minimal Tension Decay
  • Precision Ground Ribs For Maximum Pulley Contact
  • Length: 54.37"
  • Thickness: 0.354"
  • Top Width: 0.531"
  • Sold Individually
  • Quality Made Product

Direct Aftermarket Replacement For OEM #s: 002.997.99.92, 003.997.02.92, 01978-11364, 02-7001876, 02-7068626, 02-7103422, 02-7134232, 02-7135232, 11502379, 1154358, 13X1350LE, 1425G1, 16000254D, 1601163, 17622, 201927, 2028B89H05, 205-4442, 205870, 20804-3502-534, 20804-5012, 21067-L6801, 26487-C1, 26487-C11, 26487-C2, 26487-K11, 2995834-X91, 30-3155102, 3040315, 3110K1-37, 3110K1-49, 3173120, 358316-C91, 379422-C1, 379442-C91, 379966-R1, 379966-R2, 3894506, 3947153, 3N2756, 3S6272, 4027602, 4027603, 417023-C1, 4802370, 50.00.566.546, 5119702, 5.13E+06, 5.14E+06, 617140, 70-133-00-279, 70254075, 7556214, 77-9283-1, 8003854, 86514618, 88GB354P20, 88GB354P62, 88GB356P2, 88GB439P542, 8942185750, 9117038, 9433913, 966702, 966816, 967134, 967135, 967264, 967265, 978783, 99322-01370, 993748-C91, 99522-11375, 9L1731, 9L1732, 9L6125, 9L6126, 9N785, A0039970292KZ, A31005-26, A52.5, A53, AV13LP1365, B0017541, B17541, B17541A, B17544A, C3OE-8620-C, C3OZ-8620-C, C5ZZ-8620-A, C629028C26, C6JS-8620-D, C7TA-8620-H, C7TA-8620-S, C7ZE-8620-B, C9HS-8620-D, C9OE-8620-B, D0TE-8620-D, D1102-3609, D1102-3735, D1102-3736, D1102-3749, D1DE-8620-AA, D1TE8620-CA, D20E-8620-ZA, D2AE-8620-ZA, D2DE-8620-FA, D2TE-8620-AUA, D2TE-8620-BFA, D2ZE-8620-AFA, D2ZE8620-MA, D2ZE-8620-NA, D4NN-10C318-A, D8NN-10C318-CA, D9HS-8A615-BA, E0TE-8A615-HA, E1TE-8620-BA, E3TE-8A615-AA, E3TZ-8620-Y, E61-587, E8HT-8A615-LA, E8HZ-8620-K, G11502379, GT17542, MB199599, MF6530, REMF-6530, V1090831, V1090985, V17622

Our heavy-duty V-Belts by Goodyear offers the highest quality aftermarket option in the market. Goodyear's V-Belts are made with EPDM Rubber for a longer service life & key features including a quieter performance, maximum pulley contact & balanced twist cord ensuring neutral tracking when running all meeting or exceeding OE requirements. V-Belts transport power to key engine parts including the alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning compressor and sometimes the water pump. Effects of worn out V-Belts may stop the function of these key engine parts or damage them. The Auto Care Association recommends inspecting belts at 60,000 miles and replacing at 90,000 miles. Restore your belt drive system’s efficiency by installing a new Goodyear Belt.

Any mention of OEM names or OEM product ID numbers/descriptions/model numbers is intended for identification purposes only and does not indicate that it is an OEM part.

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