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  • HushMat Semi Truck Thermal Insulation Cab Package
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Hushmat Kenworth T660 Thermal Insulation Cab Package


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Hushmat Kenworth T660 Thermal Insulation Cab Package

  • High Quality Sound Deadening Material Reduces Road Noise, Engine Noise, and Vibration (Low Frequency Noise From 0-1,000 Hz)
  • Decreases Heat and Thermal Transfer By Over 50%
  • Decreases Engine And Road Sound By Over 7.9Db At 100Hz Published By D-Sport Magazine
  • Keeps Your Cab Cooler In The Summer & Warmer In The Winter
  • Insulates From -30°F Up To 550+°F
  • Measures Slightly Less Than 1/8" Thick & Weighs 0.47 Pounds Per Square Foot
  • Outperforms Closest Competitor Brand By Over 40%
  • Super Easy Installation
    • Lightweight & Flexible
    • Instantly Molds To Any Contour In Any Temperature
    • Super-Flex Foil Backing, Smooth Edges
    • Installs In 1/2 The Time Of Competing Brands
  • Adhesion Provides Excellent Corrosion Resistance
  • Made In The USA For Nearly 3 Decades

The Hushmat Kenworth T660 Thermal Insulation Cab Package transforms your truck by reducing the noise and heat up to 50%! When driving on the highway at 65-70 MPH, your vehicle's interior is approaching 80-90 decibels. This would be like turning on a garbage disposal or vacuum cleaner in your passenger seat. Fortunately, the Hushmat's sound deadening material is designed to reduce that noise by up to 15 decibels!

The Hushmat also acts as thermal insulation, reducing thermal transfer into your truck's interior from your engine, exhaust, and sunlight. When your truck is running, it can generate over 200°F of heat that cooks your firewall and floor pan. That means your engine, headers, manifold, & exhaust produce a tremendous amount of heat that transfers through the firewall and floor pan. This heat also causes your A/C to work harder to maintain cool temperatures inside your cab. Hushmat solves this problem by using USA manufactured visco-elastic chemistry which dissipates the heat insulating your interior, allowing your AC to function more efficiently and making your truck considerably cooler. In an independent study, Hushmat was proven to lower the temperature in your cab by over 40%.

The hush mat is the perfect solution for both automotive sound deadening and truck thermal insulation!

How the Hushmat Works:

The Hushmat is a pressure-sensitive, constrained-layer damper which adheres to many difficult to bond surfaces such as oily cold rolled steel, automotive E-coat, primers, finishes, and many plastics including polypropylene. The aluminum foil constraining layer and viscoeleastic polymer layer work together to reduce vibration over a wide temperature range. The Hushmat is also temperature resistant and will maintain adhesion throughout automotive bake cycles including 550°F (288°C) over-bake conditions.


  • Fits Kenworth T660 Cab
  • Self-Adhesive Peel & Stick Installation
  • No Glue, Alcohol, Acetone, Or Surface Cleaning Needed
  • No Installation Tools Required
  • Trims Easily With Razor Knife Or Scissors
  • Can Be Applied To Pre-Painted & Top-Coated Metal Surfaces
  • Compatible With Automotive Coatings & Will Not Contaminate Spray Operations
  • Can Be Installed Horizontally, Vertically Or Inverted
  • Conforms Well With Complex Shapes

*Tech Bulletin issued by major semi-truck manufacturer using HushMat kits to solve high temperature floor pan/failure of auxiliary battery units warranty issue. Original Equipment Manufacturer Approved.

*Meets or exceeds automotive damping specs GMO149M - General Motors, WSB-M5G58-A1 - Ford and MS-CD 629 Type C – Chrysler.

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