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Picking the Right Size Mattress for Your Semi-Truck

Lack of sleep is detrimental to any person, especially a lack of quality and restful sleep. Truck drivers are in a unique position when it comes to getting sleep and, understandably, getting the sleep-hours in is sometimes a difficult thing to do while on the road. Because sleeping more is usually not an option, this means it is crucial that the sleep you do get is as quality and restful as possible.

Do you have any of these signs of poor sleep?

  • Taking more than 30 minutes to fall asleep
  • Waking up more than once throughout the night
  • Feeling tired
  • Having difficulty concentrating

Sleeping on a rough, unsupportive, and beat-up mattress will leave you prone to poor sleep quality. Our mattresses, which come in a variety of sizes, will help you improve upon the sleep you do get. Just like your truck, you need fuel and sleep is one of the best providers to help give you that energy you need for the next day’s long haul.

Along with sleep quality, long periods of sitting and bouncing in a chair can cause a whole host of other issues all over your body but namely in your back and spine. One way to get ready for the next day’s journey is to allow your muscles and spine time to decompress from the physical requirements of the job.

You need a mattress that can give you that restful sleep AND support your body in a way that allows it to decompress. You need a mattress that conforms to your body but is supportive enough so that you don’t bottom out.

What Size Mattress Fits in a Semi-Truck?

Semi truck mattresses aren’t the normal mattresses you’d find in a home - you won’t find any “king” or “queen” names here. They’re specifically designed to fit in a truck berth but with so many different makes and models of truck, it can be difficult to find the one you need. Even though they are made just for trucks, that doesn’t mean you will be sacrificing comfort - some can be better than a regular home mattress!

Pro Tip: If you’re a back sleeper, you’ll want a firmer mattress that supports your spine. If you’re a side sleeper, you’ll want something with a little more give to it so that your shoulders and hips get a little bit more cushion.

Our most popular mattresses range in size, and you can use the chart below to help you find your size, but the most common dimensions are from around 38” wide by 80” long to 42” wide by 80” long. And these can vary in thickness from just a few inches to you’ll-have-the-most-comfortable-sleep-ever thick.

Check out our chart showing some of the most common make/model berth sizes so you can find the mattress that best fits in your rig.

Truck Models Common Berth Sizes
Freightliner Condo Couch 42x80
Freightliner (Other Models) 38x80
International Pro Sleeper 36x80
International 9900i 51 Sleeper 36x80
International 9900i 72 Sleeper 42x80
International ProStar/LoneStar 42x80
Kenworth T2000 & T680 38x80
Kenworth (Other Models) 34x80
Mack Pinnacle 38x80
Peterbilt 36”/48” Unibilt Sleeper 32x70
Peterbilt 63” Unibilt Sleeper 38x80
Peterbilt 70” Unibilt Sleeper 42x80
Peterbilt Unibilt Ultra Sleeper 51x75
Peterbilt 397/587 Mid Roof 32x80
Volvo W Series 36x80
Volvo 610 Model 36x76
Volvo VNL 430/630/670 36x80
Volvo VNL 730/770/780 38x80
Volvo 880 Model 42x80
Volvo 880 Model 36x76

Measuring Your Sleeper Berth

Let's face it though, with all the custom options out there, the only way to be 100% sure you’re getting the right size is to measure for yourself! And don’t forget to account for the thickness of the mattress. You don’t want to find yourself with no headroom and unable to get in or out of the space. When you measure, be sure to check multiple spots. We’ve found that sometimes the space won’t be exactly rectangular so a mattress will fit at one end but not another.

I Found My Size, Now What?

Great! You’re one step closer to better sleep while on the road. Raney’s Truck Parts carries everything you need to get the most restful sleep possible. You’d want to start by checking out our selection of semi-truck mattresses. You’ll find a large selection of different types of mattresses where you can choose your size. Our most popular mattresses are the Drift mattress with 10 inches of memory foam and the truck luxury mattress with 6.5 inches of memory foam.

No bed is complete without sheets and pillows for semi-truck mattresses and we have all sorts of different options that will perfectly fit your mattress and give you a comfortable place to rest your head.

That’s not all! We carry accessories to make your berth and cab cozier so you can really get the rest you need:

  • Sun Shades - When it comes to sleep, most people want to keep the sun out and make it as dark as possible.
  • Privacy Cab Curtains - Divide your space physically and mentally, keep the sun out, and add privacy.
  • Insulation & Sound Dampening - Just like a regular house, your roaming home needs insulation to help keep the temperature just right. Check out our selection of thermal insulation and sound dampening options

Driving Something Else?

If the size fits, these mattresses can be used anywhere and aren’t just for semi-trucks. Put them in RVs, pickup trucks, boats, planes, tents, workshops, under the stairs, etc. Most larger vehicles will usually fit the same-sized mattresses that you’d have at home. It all depends on your mattress platform and what would fit on top of it. Our lines of smaller, narrower mattresses are also common in these vehicles.

Sep 16th 2022 Raney's Truck Parts
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