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Raney's Virtual Truck Show 2022 Winner; Cody Davis & Mojito

Raney's Virtual Truck Show 2022

Just this September, Raney's Truck Parts has been honored to have professional drivers all across America submitting thousands of pictures of their rigs for our third annual Raney's Virtual Truck Show! We're absolutely floored by the number of submissions, and there are some seriously incredible builds out there, but when it came down to brass tacks the people made a clear choice— congratulations to Cody Davis from Wyoming and his Kenworth W900 "Mojito" for placing 1st, Chad Violet from Ohio in 2nd place, and Chad Hessey, also from the great state of Ohio, in 3rd. These trucks are seriously something else! From all of us here at Raney's to everyone who decided to share their style with the world, a huge "thank you" for participating this year. We'd love to see you all back again soon!

After voting closed we had the chance to speak with Cody and get his thoughts on the show, his truck, his work and family. So, let's dive right into a brief interview with our 1st Place RVTS 2022 winner...

Mojito Full Length View with Trailer

RTP: Well, congratulations on the win! Was this your first virtual truck show?

Cody: First virtual show, yeah, but I've attended physical shows before.

RTP: Did you like the format?

Cody: Yeah! Had a bit of a hiccup there with Facebook, but I think you guys did a good job keeping it fair.

Cody: Lot of people seemed like they wanted to vote for the trucks, so it was good.

RTP: We're really hoping to keep it up as a yearly thing, so we'll look forward to seeing folks back!

RTP: Have any plans for the prize money?

Cody: We're putting it right back into the truck, upgrading the interior to make it a little nicer.

Mojito Interior and Dash View

Cody: Some big shows coming up next year, heading out to Louisville.

Cody: Got some real plans to step up our game for the trailer, too.

RTP: What do you usually haul? From the photos it looks like mainly livestock.

Cody: Pretty much strictly livestock.

Cody: Occasionally do a little bit of flatbed hay hauling back at home, but mostly livestock all the time.

RTP: How about a favorite route?

Cody: Well, we see a lot of I-80, but it's cost-to-coast.

RTP: Ah, so you're all over the place— what's on the schedule today, if you don't mind my asking?

Cody: I'm in Nevada, just loaded out in California this morning, on the way to East Nebraska.

RTP: Do you have a preference for Kenworth models? Is the W900 your go-to-truck?

Cody: I like both Peterbilt and Kenworth, never really had a preference.

Cody: I just know everybody gets kinda excited about the Peterbilts, so we wanted to be a bit different.

RTP: How'd you settle on the name "Mojito?"

Cody: Me and my boy McKoy, we've always been a fan of Jeeps, (they had a color called Mojito,) and the wife wouldn't let us have the jeep, and I needed another truck, so we just decided to paint it up that color... My little boy, he's partially color blind, but green is one he can actually see well, so he chose the color himself.

RTP: Had no idea that was a signature Jeep color, but the green and black looks great— credit to him!

RTP: Did you have a favorite interior or exterior piece that just really brings it together in your opinion?

Cody: I don't know, everything just kinda flows together. I really tried to stay with straight, clean lines. For the chops and visor I left a 1" stainless line throughout the entire truck, just to make sure it all meshes.

RTP: Right up to the stacks! Can't really get a feel for it just from the photo, but how tall are those?

Cody: Oh, they stick up there. They're 13'-11", the trailer I run is 14' tall.

Mojito Grille and Emblems View

RTP: How about the emblems? Are you much of a hunter?

Cody: Oh yeah, we've always grown up loving elk. We've got a ton where we live, and so I kinda adopted the elk as my logo for my company, Davis Trucking. Something a little different, you don't really see that on personal vehicles or pickups. SH Tube actually did that for me.

RTP: And the "Candyman" license plate?

Cody: [Laughs] Well, few years ago a buddy of mine gave me that handle for the CB— I've always got candy in the truck, (mostly it's my mother-in-law's fault because every time I go home seems like she's got a new bag of candy,) so everybody always knew when I was around, or at the chute loading cows, I'd have some candy and they'd get some. They started calling me the Candyman, just kinda stuck.

RTP: Who doesn't like free candy! Could go for some myself.

Cody: Oh man, I tell you, any time we're at the show I've always got a big bowl of candy. Kids always love it.

RTP: Y'know, speaking of, anybody you want to give a shoutout to as we sign off here?

Cody: Of course my wife, Shannyn, she's way more than just supportive of us— my daughter Kynleigh and my son McKoy, family always comes first in my book.

Cody: Gotta give a shoutout to PDI, Performance Diesel Inc, they're the ones who built this truck with me. Did a lot of work with them. Jerad Wittwer is a good family friend and a good guy, they're really awesome. From the get-go I ordered the truck in, went from the factory right to them and we got started. Took us about a month and a half to do it.

RTP: Thanks again for your time Cody, we'd love to see you and Mojito back next year with the updates, and good luck in Louisville!

Cody: Thanks for putting on the show!

Mojito Wheels View

Oct 13th 2022 Raney's Truck Parts
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