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AutoSock Snow Socks Traction Device For 22.5" To 24.5" Wheels


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One Pair of AutoSock Traction Devices For 22.5" To 24.5" Wheels

*We recommend using at least two pairs, (one for each drive axle,) on tractor-trailer vehicles or for commercial towing applications.

*AutoSock recommends speeds of no more than 20 MPH for semi-trucks and commercial vehicles.

*State DOT regulations mandate at least two pairs in Colorado (CO), while at least three pairs are required in Oregon (OR), Washington (WA), and California (CA) [(2) Drive Axles & (1) Rear Trailer Axle]

*Approved in Canada and in all 50 U.S. states where traction devices are regulated, including those with chain laws for vehicles above 10,000 lbs— up to five axles! (Canadian vehicles below 26,000 lbs gross weight)

*Approved as a tire chain alternative in the European Union, as well as in Norway, Iceland, Serbia, and Turkey! (Vehicles below 3.5 tons gross weight)

*The information above is for reference to tractor-trailer vehicles and applications only.

*Be sure to check out our "Additional Information" section for usage tips and examples!

*Installing tire chains and tire socks just got easier, faster, and safer with our foldable dual-tire ramps!

The AutoSock traction device is the most-recognized and thoroughly stress-tested alternative to traditional tire and snow chains on the market today, both here in the USA and around the world!

  • AutoSock Traction Device For Trucks
  • Fits Wheels Between 22.5" and 24.5" in Size (Choose Option Above)
  • Maximizes Friction On Snow and Ice
  • Features a Self-Centering Design
  • Simple Maintenance:
    • Quick-and-Easy Installation or Removal
    • Lightweight and Easy to Store
    • Washable and Reusable Material
  • Sold as a Pair
    • (2) AutoSocks to Cover Both Wheels on One Axle
  • Quality Made Product

Let's face it, snow chains are heavy, bulky, and a pain to store when you're not using them, so why not ditch the tire chain busywork with this simple, easy-to-use alternative traction device? Approved by numerous associations and car manufacturers, (Including the TUV,) AutoSock traction devices are lightweight, easy to store, and simple to put on or take off. Made out of a tough textile fiber, AutoSocks maximize friction on snow and ice to give you the control you need for driving on winter roads!

If you should need help with sizing or fitment, please don't hesitate to call our toll-free number:

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Warranty Information

AutoSock Warranty Policy

AutoSock is warrantied free from defects in workmanship and material for thirty days (30 d.) from date of delivery to a user, provided the rules for using traction device are complied with. No other express or implied warranty of any kind whatsoever (including by way of example and not limitation, any warrant of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose) is given an no affirmation of seller, by words or action, shall constitute a warranty. The above warranty is made only to the dealer, retailer, or any other direct customer of McGee company. McGee makes no warrant to any other ultimate user and prohibits the transfer of the warrant given above to its direct customer to any subsequent purchasers, including but not limited to ultimate user.

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Additional Information

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