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Trailer Minimizer TF1554 Fender Series


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Trailer Minimizer TF1554 White Fender Series

  • The MINTF1554 White Fender Series is Designed to Fit the Front of a Tanker Trailer
  • The Set Consists of 8 Pieces:
    • 2 - PMTF44EC End Caps
    • 4 - PMTF44 Center Sections
    • 2 - PM1554 Rear Sections
  • The total weight of the MINTF1554 fender kit is less than 49 pounds
  • Optional lightbox can be molded onto the rear section as 1 piece and has a backing plate to protect wiring
  • Minimizer Fenders Have A Lifetime Warranty!
  • Quality Made Product

NEVER NEEDS PAINT:Color is molded throughout so chips, scuffs, and scratches can't be seen.
NEVER FADES: UV inhibitors are built into the material.
NEVER RUST: Material is 100% polyethylene
NEVER STRESS CRACKS: This unique material is not affected by road vibration.
NEVER NEEDS POLISHING: Simply clean with soap and water.

For Installation Instructions,Click Here!

*This product ships LTL Freight and the shipping quotes are based on commercial addresses only. If you need a quote to have this delivered to a residential address or farm, please call us so we can provide you with an accurate shipping price. Failing to provide a commercial address could result in delays with processing your order. Please refer to our Shipping Info section at the bottom of our website for more information.

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Warranty Information

Standard Fender Products Warranty A.1 MINIMIZER warrants that, as long as the products remain on the original vehicle, and are owned by the original purchaser of the MINIMIZER product, for the useful life of the Minimizerâ„¢ Fender (i) all polyethylene components will be free from defects in material and workmanship, including free from rust and corrosion; and (ii) the standard four set primary colors described in the catalogue, and on the web site, will be free from all color shifts. A.2 MINIMIZER warrants that paint film used on standard fender products will be free from defects in material and workmanship, subject to the exclusions below, for three (3) year after date of purchase. A.2.1 Warranty is void if the paint itself is defective. A.2.2 Any specialty products or colors are not warranted for color shifts. A.2.3 Warranty for standard four-set primary colors includes peeling, chipping and fading. In no event will the warranty apply to films altered by outside forces. Contact with trailers, other debris or simple accidents void the warranty, and will be the sole responsibility of owner to repair at their cost. A.3 MINIMIZER warrants that, as long as the products remain on the original vehicle, and are owned by the original purchaser of the MINIMIZER product, Minimizerâ„¢ Fender products will be free from stress cracks, dents and tears under normal operating conditions for the useful life of the product. If the condition is caused by non-normal operating conditions such as a motor vehicle accident, the warranty is inapplicable. A.4 Minimizerâ„¢ molded tail light sections, provided with some fender products, are water resistant, but are not WATERPROOF. Attachment of the mud flaps, regardless of whether they are DOT regulated, directly to the bottom of the light box fender will void any and all applicable warranty. MINIMIZER will not be held responsible for damages caused by mud flaps or mud flap installation. A.5 Any Minimizerâ„¢ Fender product not mounted with Minimizerâ„¢ mounting hardware will void all warranties.
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