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  • Crossfire Dual Tire Pressure Equalization System and TPMS
  • Crossfire Dual Tire Pressure Equalization System and TPMS (Closeup)
  • Crossfire Dual Tire Pressure Equalization System and TPMS (How to Measure)
  • Crossfire Dual Tire Pressure Equalization System and TPMS (Road Crowning Comparison)
  • Crossfire Dual Tire Pressure Equalization System and TPMS (4-Pack with Packaging)

Crossfire Dual Tire Pressure Equalization System and TPMS


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Crossfire Dual Tire Pressure Equalization System and TPMS

*Tire PSI ratings are at cold inflation pressure.

*If you plan to use a separate tire pressure monitoring system, please call to confirm compatibility and make sure you're ordering the correct Crossfire system!

*Stops under-inflation and excessive pressure, increasing the lifespan of your tires by 20% or more!

  • Crossfire Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • On $300 Tires, This System Pays for Itself in a Year!
  • Cuts Down on Maintenance Time
    • Convenient Single-Point Inflation
    • Pressure Gauge for Both Tires
  • Less Rolling Resistance for Better Fuel Economy
  • Improved Stability, Handling, Braking, and Safety
  • Install in Minutes by Bolting to Your Lug or Hub Bolts
  • Designed to Work with Disc or Spoke Wheels
  • Includes Reliable Stainless Steel Hosing
    • 65, 70, and 80 PSI Options: 12" Hose
    • 90 PSI and Greater: 16" Hose
  • Parts Covered by a 1-Year Warranty
    • 2-Year Warranty on Valves
  • Sold Individually
    • (2) Units Required for Every (1) Axle
  • Made in the USA

How It Works:

  • Blowout Safety: Inbuilt Valve Automatically Closes, Isolating the Working Tire and Preventing Loss of Pressure (See Image #3)
  • Leak Resistance: Inbuilt Valve Isolates Both Tires After Sensing a 10 PSI Loss of Pressure
  • Road Crowning: Instead of "Cupping" Your Tires, Pressure is Evenly Distributed on Rough or Uneven Surfaces (See Image #4)

While your dual tires are rolling, heat from the brakes and limited air circulation under the frame mean the inner tire gets hotter than the outside tire. Higher temps eventually means higher pressure, but with the Crossfire monitoring system your wheels are instantly balanced by shifting that extra pressure to the cold tire. This regulates any imbalance or expansion from excess heat, prevents issues caused by underfilled tires, and even helps avoid tire cupping on uneven roads. All of this combined with improved fuel economy means you're saving money on rubber while improving handling, braking, and your tire's lifespan at the same time!

If you should need additional truck parts and accessories, please don't hesitate to call our toll-free number:

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Warranty Information

Crossfire Limited Warranty Policy

Dual Dynamics warrants the Crossfire™ dual tire pressure equalization valve to be free from material defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years (2 yrs.) from the date of purchase as to the valve and one year (1 yr.) from the date of purchase as to all other parts. The sole and exclusive remedy for breach of this Limited Warranty extended by Dual Dynamics is the repair or replacement (at the discretion of Dual Dynamics) of the product. Shipping expenses and costs for returns of the product are excluded.

Dual Dynamics makes no other warranty, either Express or Implied, as to the product. Any warranty, created by law, including but not limited to Implied Warranty or Merchantability and Implied Warranty for Fitness for a Particular Purpose, are expressly excluded and disclaimed. No person, entity or other organization has any authority to make or extend any written or verbal express warranty on behalf of Dual Dynamics. In no event shall Dual Dynamics be liable for loss of profits, or for indirect, incidental, special, consequential or other damages. This limited warranty and exclusive remedy of repair/replacement is not available as to any product that has been modified, repaired or misused. Misuse, repair, and/or modification renders this limited warranty null and void and such conduct relieves Dual Dynamics of all responsibility/liability as to such products.

Warranty claims must be submitted in writing within the time limits set forth above and the product must be returned to the Company pre-paid all freight and transmittal expenses.

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