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MAX Mileage Winterized Diesel Fuel Additive & Engine Treatment 1 Gallon


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MAX Mileage Winterized Diesel Fuel Additive & Engine Treatment 1 Gallon

*This additive is not safe to use with all plastics, please make sure your measuring device is fluorinated or glass.

Treat your rig to a little R&R with Pittsburgh Power's MAX mileage fuel borne catalyst, made in the USA and guaranteed to increase engine efficiency across the board!

  • Heavy Duty Fuel Additive & Engine Treatment
  • Compatible With Any Diesel Engine Including Semi-Trucks, Pickups, and Passenger Cars
  • Decreases DEF Usage and Reduces Soot Emissions by as Much as 60%
    • Reduces DPF Regens by Filtering Particulate Matter
    • Prevents Fuel Injector Deposits
    • Improves Fuel Economy and Extends Engine Life
  • Helps Your Engine Run Smoothly and Quietly
  • Reduces Cloud Points To As Low As -50°F
  • SMART Deicer Reduces Freeze Point To -50°F
  • Improves Thermal And Storage Stability While Cleaning And Preventing  Fuel System Deposits
  • Optimizes Power, Performance And Fuel System Economy
  • Lowers Your Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT)
  • Treats Up To 1,600 Gallons of Diesel Fuel (2 oz. / 25 gal.)
  • Lab Tested And Field Proven To Provide Maximum Results
  • Contains VT330A Wax Crystal Modifier, Wax Settling Agent, Heavy Wax Modifier And SMART Deicer Which Help Prevent Gelling And Icing
  • Multifunctional Detergent, VT-101 Lubricity Improver, Corrosion Guard Technology, Stabilizer And Cetane Work To Keep Injectors Clean And Improve Cold Starts
  • EPA Registered
  • Sold Individually
  • Quality American Made Product

Pittsburgh Power's fuel additive for diesel engines works by increasing the rate of combustion, releasing more BTUs of heat during the power stroke. This means less of your fuel is wasted as soot and allowed into other sensitive parts of your truck's exhaust system. Contain and control that highly-abrasive gunk to see immediate results from an improvement in DEF mileage after your first treatment!

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