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Diesel Performance Parts & Fuel Savings

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Raney's Truck Parts is a professional driver's one-stop shop for anything related to fuel efficiency in a semi-truck or equivalent commercial vehicle! No matter where or what you're driving, gas prices are only on the way up, so our team here at Raney's has brought together some of the best diesel fuel additives, filters, engine monitoring systems, and diesel performance accessories like wings and fins in one convenient spot to make it as easy as possible for anyone on the road to get the most out of their tank. These parts are guaranteed to improve fuel performance, (and lower your bottom line,) by increasing efficiency in your engine, reducing aerodynamic drag on your frame, or by a tire pressure monitor (TPMS) helping your wheels roll smoothly. All of this combined easily means better semi-truck MPG, less downtime, and a fatter wallet at the end of the week—so don't hesitate to take a look; considering these accessories practically pay for themselves, you can't go wrong!
Starting at $199
Airdog Products
We offer the complete line of PureFlow AirDog Lift Pumps to choose from as well as the parts and accessories that go along with them.

MAX Mileage Diesel Fuel Additive & Engine Treatment 1 Gallon
Top Review: "So far it seems to give my truck about half a mile better per gallon."

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Vortex Generator Fuel Saver Ecofins
Top Review: "Only people who haven't tried them think they don't work!"

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Crossfire Dual Tire Pressure Equalization Monitoring System
Top Review: "Works great so far. I've put about 1500 miles on them and no problems."

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Starting at $809
Turbo Wings & Whale Tails
Top Review: "Looks good on the truck and helping with the fuel efficiency"

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Starting at $159.95
ScanGauge Diagnostic and Performance Monitors
Top Review: "This device was easy to install and had clear instructions. I now have a full real time display of oil pressure, water temperature, and trans temperature."

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Starting at $158.95
Intake Spacers
Top Review: "I immediately noticed a better throttle response and boost pressure under a load climbing hills."

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Starting at $529.95
Twist & Lock Stainless Steel Aero Axle Cover Sets
Top Review: "Great product! Product is functional that also looks great at the same time."

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Bully Dog Heavy Duty Gauge Tuner
Top Review: "Awesome Product and performance"

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